Health Promotion

RRF -Social Key Initiatives (RRF-SKI)

Preventing the Spread of HIV / AIDS

We are committed to providing good health, Orphanage care, Pipe-bore water, and free Physiotherapy treatment for old people (Ageing), lastly, preventing the Spread of HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS is devastating Africa’s most productive generation, setting back decades of progress in ending starvation. AIDS is killing farmers, teachers and health workers. Food production and life expectancy are dropping. Infant mortality rates are rising.

AIDS is 100 percent preventable. If empowered with accurate information, and freed from social taboos, attitudes and behaviors that fuel the epidemic, the people of Nigeria have proven that they can protect themselves and their families.

The RRF-SK Initiative Project is in a unique position to make a difference. Our successful programs in Nigeria have provided us with access to government, partnership with leading organizations, the critically missing rural infrastructure, and, most importantly, the courageous grass roots-level entrepreneurs willing and able to confront the starvation issues fueling the spread of the disease.


To promote a sustainable life and health of people living in the society


RRF-SKI works towards prevention of chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, musculoskeletal pain, old age free therapy, HIV/AIDS etc., through advocacy, awareness, research in order to reduce mortality and morbidity in Nigeria.


To promote sustainable health for the masses thereby reducing morbidity and mortality rates

To sensitize people by creating awareness about prevention of these medical conditions through different means

To involve the governments, companies and individuals into promoting health for the masses

To uphold full and transparent fiscal and financial accountability in the execution and attainment of stated objectives

The advent of chronic disease conditions have rendered a whole lot of people with impairments of one part of the body or the other for instance, in Nigeria, hypertension which was formerly defined as the disease of the “old” is now cutting across all ages. Every year there is rapid increase in the rate at which people develop these conditions and this is basically due to lack of awareness of ways to prevent them.


RRF-SKI aims to promote good health thereby providing different approaches to reduce this rapid increase. Subsequently, we published a briefing on our different ways and strategy on health focusing on ways to promote your health.

Strategy to Stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS and To Promote Sustainable Health


There are eight critical elements in a strategy that will make great strides in stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria:

Leadership at the highest political level: Top political leadership is needed to prevent an effective, strategic, multi sector response.

A fundamental change in gender relations: Both men and women must be at the forefront of change, responsibility and leadership if this plague is to be stopped.

Breaking the silence: People must overcome the denial and avoidance of discussing HIV/AIDS. They must be called upon to have the courage to confront this epidemic and overcome social taboos. People must also be equipped with powerful and accurate information on the causes of HIV/AIDS and how to protect themselves and others.

Overcoming the stigma: People living with HIV/AIDS need to live in an environment of understanding and acceptance. They need to know that they are valued, respected and contributing members of society.

Community and religious leaders: Community leaders who are paving the way in confronting AIDS must be supported. Religious leaders must use their exalted position to let people know that speaking about sexual issues is not only morally acceptable, but also fundamental to responsible living.

Widespread provision of services: People must have access to vital services, including condom supply and distribution, voluntary HIV counseling and testing, support groups and blood safety programs.

Health-related strategies and care services: There is an immediate need to invest in health strategies and rural health-delivery systems for both prevention and care. This must include basic health needs — such as clean water, nutritious food and sanitation — and access to opportunist-infection medication and antiretroviral drugs.

International solidarity and partnership: International support and the mobilization of resources is urgently needed to fight the epidemic. Commitments need to be translated into action and more resources invested.

Implementation via Partnership


Nigeria is enormously diverse – with 1 official language and thousands of dialects. In addition, Nigeria has been blessed with the existence of more than 35,000 local non governmental organizations (NGOs) with highly committed leadership.

To implement the RRF-SKI Campaign, The SKI Project is progressing in partnership with the best of these local NGOs across 36 states in Nigeria including the Federal Republic. SKI Project state staff making moves to train more than 800 staff trainers of these organizations to lead the Workshop and provide ongoing empowerment to the community leaders. These organizations will make up a national alliance that advocates for change at the state and national levels.